The only club of the world that only brings you joy.

You know us, and now we have something just for you : joining the garage beer club you’ll always recieve our latest releases straight from our fridge to yours, get the freshest, newest recently canned always.


Our latest releases fresh from our cold room to your fridge

shipping included

to european union

webshop discounts

did you finish your beers? no worries,use your discount at our online shop (10% standard, 20% imperial)

official t-shirt

show your club's colours off wherever you're.


  • Try a bit of each, 4 releases, one can per release
  • - 4 cans/month
  • - shipping included
  • - Access to members area
  • - Exclusive contect (Recipes)
  • - 10% off at webshop
  • - club t-shirt on the 3rd month


  • Ideal for a session with mates, 4 releases 2 cans each
  • - 8 cans/month
  • - shipping included
  • - Access to members area
  • - Exclusive contect (Recipes)
  • - 15% off at webshop
  • - club t-shirt on the 2nd month
  • - stickers


  • Club's full experience, 4 releases, 4 cans each
  • - 16 cans/month
  • - shipping included
  • - access to members area
  • - Exclusive content (Recipes)
  • - 20% off at webshop
  • - club t-shirt on the 1st month
  • - cap on the third month
  • - stickers
  • - coasters



The club payment is made on the first of the month, we’ll send you an email that day telling you which beers and when you’re going to get them, the dates will vary according to the brewing/packaging dates. we’ll send you 8/16 cans of four of our latest and freshest releases

can i choose the beers?

Not right now, we select the beers for each club shipment according to the dates and trying to get a wide selection of beers, so you can get the freshest.

where do you ship?

right now we’re shipping to France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Ireland

Is there a minimum permanence?

no,  you can leave whenever you want, if you haven’t recieve your beers of the month you will and from next month you won’t be charged

can i change my address?

sure! you can go to «my account» section and change all your details.

I still have a few questions

no worries, send us an email to and we’ll get back to you shortly