Tribute to 9 years of Garage Beer Co we are pushing the limits of hoppy beers and creating four unique brews that were each inspired by one of our homes / Sant Andreu Brewery, Universitat Brewpub, Poblenou Bar & Mash Beer Fest /

To take this celebration to the next dimension, we teamed together with four friends and amazing local musicians – Palladian, Urive, Non Project, Son. and Raul Naro who created four songs that accompany four Garage style hop bombs.

Curated by legendary Palladian duo these 4 songs not only travel around the world in Garage cans but also land in the first-ever brewery EP that takes you on a journey through the local Barcelona electronic music scene and garage history. Pints & Volume up. Garage Sounds, Vol I is here

Full EP release february 23rd


Garage Poblenou is all about the sun and the good vibes, while the BLUE CONEY checks that everyone is with a pint in their hand and a pizzetta on the table. PALLADIAN translate these feeling with a song that immediately brings you to those sunny and long summer afternoons.

Mash Festival venue, Nau Bostik, is a former glue factory with tons of rooms and hidden gems, and our favourite room is packed with antics of all kinds (toys from 1920, old advertising signs, antique machines…).

NoN project created Backroom // inspired by the idea of a hidden place in the mind that houses memories. Layers of sounds and influences make up the everyday experience in a cosmopolitan metropolis like Barcelona and that mix and overlap with memories and intimate experiences.

Garage Universitat is a place where space/time rules don’t apply, down tempo legends, SON. & Raul Naro, take us into a sound trip where grooves and ethereal landscapes blur the line between dusk and dawn.

Hidden corner at the Garage Brewery, an authorised-only access zone, the Lab is where the chemistry does its magic. What happens behind its door is meant to be kept for generations.Broken beats and disco synthesizers are the base of the track that Urive presents us with. A psychedelic and progressive trip full of sounds that could be heard in space.