1000 BOUNCING HEADS es una TIPA de 9.5% utilizando lúpulos Cashmere, Citra cryo y Talus

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1000 BOUNCING HEADS es como ir a una frutería y llenar tu canasta con frutas de todos los tipos. Cashmere le da toques a melón, Citra cryo lleva melocotón y piel de pomelo y Talus le da toques de coco, agua de rosas y más piel de cítricos

Bounce your head off a can of this complex TIPA! 1000 Bouncing heads is like going into a well stocked fruit shop and filling your basket with a diverse range of fruits from all over. Cashmere brings loads of soft melon and slight orange notes, Citra cryopellets carry all the bright peach and grapefruit zest, Citra T90 pellets add some more tropical notes like guava and a slight dank touch, then a small addition of Talus spices things up with some coconut, rose water and more citrus zest.

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Agua, Cebada malteada, trigo, avena, lúpulo, levadura


Cebada malteada, trigo, avena


Cashmere, Citra cryo, Talus