TAPAWERA, NZ. es una NZ IPA de 7% con lúpulos Nelson sauvin y motueka

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TAPAWERA, NZ. Nuestra primera parada en nuestro viaje por los lúpulos del nuevo mundo es TAPAWERA, NZ. Que nos provee de Nelson Sauvin y Motueka. El resultado? Toda la lima, grosella y maracuyá que puedas imaginar. Vibrante, resinosa y compleja.


A trio of IPA’s coming your way featuring hops from the three New World hop powerhouses. All featuring the same soft malt base that is light and creamy thanks to judicious additions of flaked oats and wheat. This one is hopped exclusively with New Zealands Motueka and Nelson Sauvin bringing all of the lime, gooseberry and passion fruit that you can handle. It’s bright yet dank with a level of complexity that is almost unique to New Zealands hops.»

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Agua, Cebada malteada, trigo, avena, lúpulo, levadura


Lata 44cl


Cebada malteada, trigo, avena


Nelson sauvin, motueka